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Grounds for Health Appoints Ellen Starr as Executive Director

Vermont-based nonprofit Grounds for Health, which has run cervical cancer and prevention programs in coffee-growing communities for more than two decades, has announced the appointment of Ellen Starr as executive director.

Starr started working with the nonprofit as a volunteer preceptor for clinical training in Tanzania before becoming a senior clinical officer managing the Tanzania program. Prior to her appointment as clinical director, she served as the organization’s clinical director, overseeing clinical practices in Latin America and Africa. She replaces former GFH board chair Michael Dupee, who has served as the organization’s interim executive director over the past year.

“We’re exceptionally pleased that Ellen has taken on this leadership role,“ GFH Board Chairman Dan Cox said in an announcement of the appointment. “Her broad knowledge of women’s health issues coupled with years of experience working with cervical cancer prevention make her well positioned to lead us going forward. Her passion and commitment to our cause coupled with her deep knowledge of our work will enable her to plan more effectively for the future, expand our programs, and introduce innovative approaches to screening and treatment.”



Dean Cycon

Great move! Ellen is a no-nonsense, hands on, field-tested team leader. We are proud to support Ellen and the entire GfH staff!


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