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Loring Unveiling the Smaller-Capacity S7 Nighthawk Roaster

Loring Nighthawk roaster

Graphic rendering of Loring’s S7 Nighthawk. Image courtesy of Loring Smart Roast.

High-tech roaster Loring Smart Roast is this week introducing the S7 Nighthawk, responding to growing demand for a smaller-footprint machine for the growing specialty roasting market.

With a 1.4- to 7-kilo roasting capacity and a 22-square-foot (2-square-meter) space requirement, the S7 Nighthawk is the smallest production machine in the California-based company’s line, while still featuring Loring’s single-burner design for improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions. The company has been featuring a prototype of a significantly smaller-model machine at various trade events since at least as far back as 2016.

“The Loring S7 Nighthawk makes the advantages of our Loring roasters available to a new segment of the coffee roasting market,” Gordon Tredger, president of Loring Smart Roast, said in a company announcement released today. “It offers the same precise control and energy efficiency that are valued by Loring customers around the world, and provides it in a new, compact form factor.”

A small-capacity Loring prototype at the 2016 Roasters Guild retreat. The 1.5-kilo prototype is not available commercially. Daily Coffee News photo.

The Nighthawk is making its public debut this week at the HOTELEX Shanghai expo in China. It will also be on display next month at the SCA Expo in Seattle. While Loring is offering a data sheet featuring some of the roaster’s key specifications, the company says that specifics on pricing and availability for the Nighthawk will be available “at a later date.”

“This is a new chapter in Loring product line development, and the perfect product to enter a market segment that is booming in China,” said Gordon Chang, president of Shanghai Fortunecaffe, Loring’s exclusive distributor in China and Hong Kong.

Loring upgraded the control system on all its other models — the S15 Falcon, the S35 Kestrel and the S70 Peregrine — approximately 10 months ago.