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Inside Roast Magazine’s July/August 2018 Issue (Now Shipping)

Roast July-Aug 2018

Roast magazine July | August 2018 issue. Cover photo by Mark Shimahara.

The July/August 2018 issue of Roast magazine has arrived with feature articles on the tension between coca and coffee farming in Colombia, the universal truths of coffee sourcing, and a comparative look at packing materials for green coffee shipping.


In “From a Dark Shadow Cast: The Long Road from Coca to Coffee in Colombia,” Karl Wienhold of Direct Origin Trading explores the struggles Colombian farmers have endured and the complexities involved in deciding whether to grow coca or coffee. Complete with historical context and economic perspective, the article takes readers through the challenges the coffee industry faces when it comes to promoting coffee as a way forward for these farmers.


Spencer Turer of Coffee Enterprises explores the “Universal Truths of Coffee Sourcing,” with a deep dive into the mechanics and methods involved in the process of green coffee purchasing. Turer guides readers through the decisions a buyer must make when sourcing coffee, based on a number of factors such as price, quality, availability, and relationships.


In “Pick Your Packaging: A Comparison of Green Coffees Shipped in Different Packing Materials,” Rachel Northrop of Ally Coffee presents an experiment that was conducted using the same coffee shipped in four different kinds of packaging to determine how quality is affected by each, as well as tracking the amount of work and cost involved with each method that was utilized.

Subscribers will also find the latest news on coffee production in California, an interview with George Vukasin, Jr. of Peerless Coffee & Tea, and Coffee Review‘s take on coffee retail prices and value. In the Flamekeeper column by the Coffee Roasters Guild, Advisory Council member Anthony Auger talks to competitors from around the world as they prepare for the 2018 World Coffee Roasting Championship.

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Inside the July/August Issue of Roast Magazine:


“From a Dark Shadow Cast”
The Long Road from Coca to Coffee in Colombia

“Universal Truths of Coffee Sourcing”

“Pick Your Packaging”
A Comparison of Green Coffees Shipped in Different Packing Materials


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