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Design Details: The Space Within a Space at Petra Roasting Co.

Petra Roasting 3

The Petra Roasting Co. Maslak, Istanbul, location. Photo by Emre Dorter/Geo_ID

Inside the Giz2000 Plaza in the Maslak business district on the far north side of Istanbul, Turkey, is the sixth retail location of the quality-focused Turkish roasting company Petra Roasting Co.

Unlike most of the company’s other brick-and-mortar cafes that have the benefit of four walls within which to operate, this location is technically a kiosk, although a series of walls, partitions and barriers created by Istanbul-based design firm Geo_ID works towards the concept of a “space within a space.”

“The final structure is defined by itself rather than where it’s located,” the firm states. “The Giz Plaza is a modern building with exposed concrete and steel. Our design follows this futuristic modernity through the use of the same materials and bold/geometric shapes.”

Petra Roasting 2

Photo by Emre Dorter/Geo_ID

A series of steel bars positioned at angles in relation to the existing structure create what Geo_ID describes as a “shell” design that gives dynamism to the entirety of the space, which functionally contains three main components: the kitchen, the sales counter, and the bar.

“The back wall serves as a structural artwork on its own with its parametric design,” Geo_ID states. “The edgy, bold shapes at different elevations and sizes create another dynamic movement within the ‘shell’ and become the focal point of the entire project. The new Petra is designed in a completely new, unique and exciting way, while carrying strong traces of its origin roots and commercial identity.”

Petra Roasting 1

Photo by Emre Dorter/Geo_ID