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Bonavita Reapproaches the Pourover Bar with Interurban Electric Gooseneck Kettles

Interurban Gloss Graphite

The Bonavita Interurban in Gloss Graphite. All images courtesy of Bonavita.

The Bonavita brand of coffee and tea brewing equipment has quietly upped its game in the digital electric gooseneck kettle category with the release of new model, The Interurban.

A pioneer in the growing variable-temperature electric gooseneck kettle marketplace, Bonavita has largely remained focused on a catalog of products for use at home, although its kettles have also proven popular in commercial settings. With the launch of its Interurban line of kettles last fall, Bonavita has continued its pursuit of the pourover corner of cafe counter space.

Interurban Matte White

The Interurban in Matte White.

“The Bonavita kettles were the first commercially certified kettles in the marketplace,” Bonavita President Laura Sommers told Daily Coffee News. “They have been workhorses in cafes around the world, and are used by baristas at work and in barista competitions, so we wanted to make sure the new Bonavita Interurbans were certified for commercial use too.”

Interurban kettles, which have been UL-certified for commercial use, take a step up from the earlier model’s plastic base and dimple buttons in favor of stainless steel bases with solid, illuminated buttons. Whereas Bonavita’s original electric gooseneck required an additional protective plastic cover over the base to hold up under commercial use, the new steel bases do not. Also, a new button is dedicated to bringing water straight to a boil.

Interurban Stainless

The Interurban in Stainless Steel.

The upgraded base on the Interurbans features an upward counting timer, and can toggle its display between Celsius and Fahrenheit conveniently. Colors for the new kettles include matte black, matte white or gloss graphite finishes, each with matching bases, as opposed to the original kettle that came only in steel with a black base.

“Having started in the specialty coffee industry myself, I’m an evangelist for optimal brewing, whether that’s in a cafe or at home,” said Sommers. “Our one-touch coffee brewers are often used by specialty coffee professionals at home. It is always gratifying when roasters and other specialty coffee professionals recommend our brewers to their customers. As far as the kettles, we’ve always seen them as an essential tool for the perfect pourover — whether that’s in your home, your office or as crafted by a coffee pro in a cafe setting.”

Interurban Matte Black

The Interurban in Matte Black.

A new glass version with steel accents called the Cosmopolitan is also available with the Interurban-style upgraded base. All of these new kettles are priced by the manufacturer at $129.99 and are available now through multiple retailers. Coming in at a lower price point through most resellers, the older model of steel kettle with a plastic base remains in production.


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I’ve had to warranty a few of the earlier home-grade units. So the improvements in the new commercial grade base are welcome. Seems most of the issues were involving the bases.

The main thing putting ME off these is the failure/refusal of the distributors to enforce Minimum Advertised Pricing (policies we distributors MUST uphold) to the super large resellers, the worst offender beginning with the letter A and ending with the letter N. They indercut so badly there is no margin left for the little guys who are the mainstay of the consumer relationship.

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