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Department of Brewology Launches “Stay Home, Drink Coffee, Live Forever” Line

Stay Home Drink Coffee Live Forever t-shirt

The “Stay Home, Drink Coffee, Live Forever” shirt. Image courtesy of Department of Brewology.

The creative group behind the popular “Filter Coffee, Not People” line is sending a new message that reads: “Stay Home, Drink Coffee, Live Forever.

Austin, Texas-based Department of Brewology, which also regularly curates subscription boxes featuring prominent roasting companies along with artwork, released the new slogan on T-shirts and a print today as a way to encourage social distancing while also providing financial support to its friends in the coffee industry.

“We’re facing an unprecedented challenge with every sector of the industry in crisis and the balance of the need for coffee versus keeping our communities safe,” the group wrote in a release of the new print message.

All proceeds from the limited-edition (let’s hope very limited!) shirt and print plus proceeds from a number of sale items on the Department of Brewology website will be used to purchase gift cards from a group of participating quality-focused roasters. Along with a cash prize, the cards will be given away to baristas through a DoB Instagram campaign.

The first group of roasters benefiting from the campaign includes Populace Coffee (Bay City, Michigan), Camber Coffee (Bellingham, Washington), The Barn Coffee Roasters (Berlin, Germany), Metric Coffee (Chicago), East Pole Coffee Co. (Atlanta), and Methodical Coffee (Greenville, South Carolina).

The group says is will be adding more roasters soon and roasters can be nominated for the campaign here.


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Hmm.. an interesting idea.
Here’s another:

how about starting a campaign to have all coffee lovers write their governors and TELL that elected constitutin loving official to lift the closure orders on coffee houses, Let those at each shop decide how close they want to sit to someone else. FOur people ride for half an hour in the same car to get there, if they all four sit close together at one table they are at no increased risk. WHY the one size fits all nonsense?

If WE do not begin making more noise, this industry, along with dozens of others, will be devastated,,, and NO LIVES SAVED by the mandated closures.
I may be deluded in this next point, but I am of the opinion that each of us are fully capable of assessing our own level of risk in any given situation. Certain parts of Portland I will NOT ride my bike at night, like I would two years ago, So I use a different route, I don’t just stay home and not ride. Some cafes I would NOT sit in at rush hour. Others, no problem. In some I’d sit at a counter along a wall, but not at a small table with most strangers.
Or I’d not go in at rush hour, but would at ten AM or two PM to sit with friends I know well, and none of us are sick.

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