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Department of Brewology Launches Third Roaster Collaboration Series

Operating at the intersection of design and coffee, the creatives at the Austin, Texas-based Department of Brewology have launched their third curated coffee-and-art box set.

Described as an “interagency collaborative exercise,” the box set includes different coffees for each of six months from six different renowned specialty roasters from around the world, including:

In addition to the coffees, the DoB team is including various coffee-related goodies in each box, such as a capsule of Third Wave Water, a tube of Coffee Blossom Honey, a coffee brew guide, and exclusive DoB-designed pins and prints. The first 200 subscribers will also be entered to win some larger coffee prizes.

“We hope to create a very unique coffee experience bringing the roaster to forefront sharing their story and essentially filling each boxset with the very best things we could imagine a coffee geek would love,” Department of Brewology Founder David Salinas told Daily Coffee News. “Last year when we launched Sequence No. 1 and 2, we were overwhelmed by the response. There were plenty of valuable lessons learned last year, mostly regarding logistical hurdles and production bottlenecks.”

Image courtesy of Department of Brewology.


Even if you don’t know the DoB by name, you’re likely to have seen their immensely popular “Filter Coffee Not People” apparel or prints. The group has also been contracted for original coffee-related murals in places like the Probat headquarters in Germany or at the 2017 London Coffee Festival. Most recently, DoB unveiled some work for La Marzocco Home, and next month they plan to show off more design work done on behalf of the Long Miles Coffee Project in Burundi.

La Marzocco home pins. Image courtesy of Department of Brewology.

Asked about the design work in the coffee world, Salinas said, “People in coffee and design are both deeply invested in getting a thing right. There’s a shared notion that the desired finished product takes time, and where there are shortcuts, the work suffers.”





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