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Old Pine Coffee Offers New Fine Coffee in NW Arkansas

Old Pine Coffee Roasters 4

The Old Pine Coffee Roasters cafe in Fayetteville, Arkansas. All images courtesy of Old Pine.

At Old Pine Coffee Roasters, a new height of quality is available to guests from in and around North Fayetteville, Arkansas, where the company cut the ribbon on its first retail cafe earlier this fateful Spring.

Fresh coffees roasted onsite in a Mill City Roaster form the basis for drinks that will soon be filling some locally custom-made ceramics.

“We are super excited to start using those,” Old Pine Owner Thomas Dominguez told Daily Coffee News of wares that are being etched with the Old Pine logo by Fifth Street Studio in nearby Bentonville. “We are unsure at this time when we will start using for-here mugs and plates.”

Though service remains largely to-go and seating capacity is restricted per state health regulations during the pandemic, patrons are nevertheless welcome into the wide and inviting 2,000-square-foot space that Dominguez said was originally slated to open much earlier in the year.

Old Pine Coffee Roasters 2

“We were caught in the wave of uncertainty just like everyone else,” said Dominguez. “We put so much time and effort into making our space perfect, then weren’t able to share it with everyone. Now that we are finally open, we are doing our best to make our space safe and follow the guidelines set for us.”

The shop’s solid oak counters and bars, expansive patio and proximity to the local trail system are also all fully in play. Meanwhile, some of the cafe’s more enclosed and community-oriented spaces, such as an ample kids corner, remain largely quiet for now.

Old Pine Coffee Roasters 3

“We have two boys under five and know how hard it is taking them to places like coffee shops,” said Dominguez. “Because of this, we designed a space with families in mind. We want parents to be able to have a space to relax and enjoy interacting with others.”

The brick-and-mortar cafe has been a long time coming for Old Pine, which launched in 2014. Now that it’s here, Dominguez said the plan is to maintain, improve and remain rooted.

“We will continue to learn and get better at roasting coffee and improving the way we serve our customers,” said Dominguez. “Other than that we don’t aspire to be much more than we are now. We like simplicity and don’t need much.”

Old Pine Coffee Roasters 1

Old Pine Coffee Roasters is open now at 3775 Mall Ave in Fayetteville.