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Coffee for Peace Launches Free Posters on Processing Best Practices

Micro-Processors 2.0 poster

The first poster in the Coffee for Peace Micro-Processors 2.0 poster series. The full series is available through the Coffee For Peace website. Courtesy image.

The Colombia-focused Coffee For Peace initiative has resulted in colorful educational posters on the basics of coffee processing called Micro-Processors 2.0 (Microprocesadores).

Initially intended for use by coffee producers in the Colombian post-conflict regions where Coffee For Peace is currently focused, the posters have now been broadly released by project funding agencies USAID and the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) for the benefit of coffee producers all over the world.

With attractive original illustrations and step-by-step instructions, the poster series touches on 17 best practices in four basic areas, including: harvesting; depulping; fermenting and washing; and drying and storage.

The entire series of posters is available through the Coffee For Peace website (name, email and company name required).

Coffee For Peace organizers say the concept for the instructional posters dates back to at least 2017, when an analysis of coffee production and quality in the Colombian coffee-producing regions of Antioquia, Bolivar, Caquetá, Cauca, Valle de Cauca and Meta showed a pronounced lack of understanding among some farmers regarding common harvesting and processing practices.

Thus, an education-focused collaboration between numerous Colombian and international agencies, NGOs and project implementation partners ensued through the Producers to Market Alliance, the four-year project behind the Coffee for Peace brand. That effort resulted in the identification of the 17 best practices outlined in the new poster series, as well as its global release.

“The Coffee for Peace program has made important strides in introducing Colombian growers to the tools needed to produce quality coffee,” KC O’Keefe, a consultant for PMA-USAID from Boot Coffee, said. “These posters are an important piece of that, and now we’re excited to share them with more coffee professionals who can realize their benefits.”


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