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Mikael Jasin of Indonesia is the 2024 World Barista Champion

Indonesia – P1026032

2024 World Barista Champion Mikael Jasin of Indonesia. All images courtesy of the Specialty Coffee Association.

Mikael Jasin of Indonesia earned the crown of World Barista Champion on Saturday, leading a fiercely competitive field of 53 competitors from all over the world.

With a finals routine built around the concepts of meditation and mindfulness — including a contemplative walk around the WBC stage — Jasin became the first barista from Indonesia to win the prestigious title, and the third WBC champ from a major coffee-producing country in the past four years.

Final Ranking

The seven 2024 World Barista Championship finalists.

Jasin succeeds Boram Um of Brazil as the reigning World Barista Champion.

For his winning routine, Jasin’s milk drink and signature drink courses incorporated what he described as an Ethiopian landrace variety called Ají that was grown and processed in Colombia at Finca El Diviso. For the straight espresso course, Jasin used a Gesha-variety coffee from Finca Deborah in Panama.

The WBC took place at the World of Coffee Asia in Busan, South Korea. Adding to the win for Indonesia was the announcement from WBC organizer the Specialty Coffee Association that Jakarta, Indonesia, will host the 2025 World of Coffee Asia event.

Here are the rankings from the final day of the 2024 World Barista Championship.

2024 World Barista Championship Finals Standings

1) Mikael Jasin, Indonesia

2) Jack Simpson, Australia

3) Takayuki Ishitani, Japan

4) Honoka Kawashima, Aotearoa/New Zealand

5) Junghwan Lim, South Korea

6) Ian Kissick, Ireland

7) Zjevaun Lemar Janga, The Netherlands

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