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Roasters Guild Sensory Summit Coming Online Nov. 12-13

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SCA image.

The Specialty Coffee Association and Coffee Roasters Guild are reprising their annual Sensory Summit online this year in a two-day event for intensive training and education.

Now in its fourth year, the event has previously taken place at the Robert Mondavi Sensory Theater at UC Davis in California. This year it is being brought online on Nov. 12-13 due to the ongoing  COVID-19 pandemic.

The virtual summit will involve “sensory kits” that are sent to each participant and include coffee samples, preparation tools, sensory references and “other aromatic and tasting experiences” that will demonstrate the concepts being explored in lectures and guided exercises.

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SCA/Coffee Roasters Guild Sensory Summit photos.

The SCA has some experience with this kind of synchronized online sensory action through some sessions at its first ever Re:co specialty coffee symposium earlier this year.

The Sensory Summit is designed for experienced coffee professionals, and the SCA has added 25 extra virtual seats this year for coffee pros who may not have the financial means to attend otherwise. Additionally, shipping of the sensory kits is available to virtual attendees located in Mexico and Canada.

The registration fee, which includes shipment of the sensory kit, is $275 for SCA members and $300 for non-members.