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Coffee Trader Sucafina Launches Company in China’s Yunnan Province

Sucafina Coffee China 3

Coffee growing in China’s southern Yunnan Province. All images courtesy of Sucafina.

Swiss green coffee trading group Sucafina has announced it has established a new coffee company in China, in partnership with Chinese metals trading and logistics company Depond.

In an announcement today, Sucafina said the new company, Sucafina (Yunnan) Co. Ltd., will work directly with farmers, wet mills and dry mills to help promote and deliver Yunnan-grown coffees to the rest of the world.

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Depond is part of a larger Chinese conglomerate, called Desheng Group, that operates in a range of industries and is one of the 200 largest private enterprises in China, according to Sucafina.

“Partnering with Desheng opens new opportunities for sustainability for both companies and will support our promise to bring lasting and positive change to the industry as a whole,” Sucafina CEO Nicolas A. Tamari said in the announcement.

Sucafina will maintain offices in Pu’er, in the heart of the coffee-growing Yunnan province in Southern China that borders Myanmar and Laos, as well as in Kunming, the province’s transportation and commercial hub.

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Sucafina, which had already established an Asia Pacific trading division prior to the new company formation, said it will also maintain coffee inventory in Shanghai featuring coffees sourced from all over the world.

With a global headquarters in Geneva, Sucafina recently unified and rebranded several of its coffee divisions, including Sucafina North America, to become Sucafina Specialty, serving green coffee to the North American, European and Asia Pacific Markets.

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