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Rancilio Group Launches Online Training Center for Technicians

Rancilio Group Digital Training Center

Rancilio Group press photo.

Adapting to these times of restricted travel and social distance, Italy-based Rancilio Group has created an online training center for espresso machine technicians.

The Rancilio Group Digital Training Centre brings all of the group’s existing technical training courses online for all the machines in the Rancilio, Rancilio Specialty, Egro and Promac lines, which combined cover a broad range of machines from traditional to super-automatic.

The platform gives techs free access to the courses, and technicians and trainers can also work with their Rancilio customer agent to create a customized course schedule, according to the company, which has a headquarters outside Milan with separate offices throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and North America.

Rancilio Group digital training

Rancilio Group press photo.

“We have transferred all of our technical courses online, making them available on demand for all of our clients,” Davide Beccaglia, head of customer support at Rancilio Group, said in a company announcement of the new digital training center. “We are one of the first coffee machine manufacturers to offer certified training courses remotely. We have decided to invest in people, training a vast network of highly-skilled technicians spread across the world.”

The company has built a sets for video production at its physical training centers, and it said that it is working on a new series of tutorials that will comprise a Rancilio Group instructional video library. Additionally, Rancilio group will be using the sets to host live webinars in which customers can interact directly with trainers.