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Swedish Roaster Löfbergs Unveils Coffee Station Made with Chaff

Lofbergs coffee station

The Löfbergs coffee station made partially with coffee chaff collected during roasted. Press photo.

Though self-service coffee stations and grocery coffee kiosks often scream single-use plastic waste, Swedish coffee roasting company Löfbergs has introduced a model of a coffee station that is curiously sustainable. 

Collaborating with the innovative Swedish 3D printing and furniture manufacturing firm Sculptur, Löfbergs now has a branded coffee station, supporting a super-automatic coffee machine, that is composed largely of coffee waste collected through the company’s own production practices.

The model is part of a larger initiative from Löfbergs and its family of brands throughout Europe and Canada called the Circular Coffee Community. Through that platform, the company is seeking to eliminate bio-waste from its supply chain, while providing models and templates that may be embraced by other coffee businesses.

Löfbergs, which employs more than 300 people in Northern Europe and Canada from central offices in Karlstad, Sweden, has a stated goal to eliminate all waste throughout its supply chain by 2030.

To create the 3D-printed Löfbergs coffee station, Sculptur created a blend of polyprolene mixed with coffee chaff collected by Löfbergs during the roasting process.

Löfbergs is currently inviting other coffee companies or related parties to join the Circular Coffee Community effort for further development of such products and other waste-reduction strategies. 

“We are very well aware that we cannot achieve our ambition of circular transformation and eliminating all waste by ourselves,” Lars Aaen Thøgersen, Löfbergs’ recently appointed chief of innovation and circular transformation said in an announcement from the company today. “We need playmates and partners for developing both ideas and products.”