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Sanremo Ventures Outside the Box with Launch of the Cube

Sanremo Cube Red

The new Sanremo Cube espresso machine in red. All images courtesy of Sanremo.

Italian espresso machine maker Sanremo has taken its first step outside of the commercial equipment box with the addition of a compact, home-kitchen-friendly machine called the Sanremo Cube.

The Treviso, Italy-based manufacturer describes the new single-group machine as semi-professional, appropriate for at-home or commercial use.

Sanremo Cube white

Catering to both uses, the machine has two different models. The Cube R has a commercial-grade volumetric pump and the option to connect to a direct plumbing line, and the Cube V runs on a vibratory pump that draws only from the onboard 1.8-liter reservoir available on both machines.

Both machines have insulated 1.9-liter stainless steel steam boilers through which heat exchanger tubes receive heat for the water that reaches the group. Both offer energy-saving low-power modes, and have wifi functionality built in for connectivity to an app. The app provides users with information on the water tank level and filter condition, shot time, usage statistics, power on/off control and an on/off scheduling feature. Users can control multiple machines from the app on a single device.

Sanremo Cube app

The Cube R further distinguishes itself with a screen on its face that displays the boiler temperature, shot timer and other info. Both machines stand 14.5 inches tall, 18.4 inches deep and 12.75 inches wide, and are available in a wide variety of colors and finishes.

Sanremo said that the aesthetic flexibility of the machine is in keeping with the spirit of customization put forth by its Cafe Racer line of machines. Aesthetic packages are designated as A, B or Custom, with option A offering a selection of solid colors, B including side panels that add further stylistic variation, and Custom providing for logos or other design or material choice for the side panels in addition to more options for colors and finishes.

Sanremo Cube custom

A Cube with customizable panels.

Carlo de Sordi, CEO of Sanremo, told Daily Coffee News while the Opera and Café Racer are both designed specifically for having two or three groups, there will be other single-group machines in the future from Sanremo.

“We can consider new products in this direction if the market requires it, but always at least with a semi-professional standard,” de Sordi told DCN. “The Brave, our latest creation presented at the last Host, will have a single group version that we’re currently developing.”

Sanremo Cube espresso machine

De Sordi said the company is working on bringing five brand new machines to market within the next 18 months while also expanding the brand’s physical presence on both sides of the Atlantic. In addition to its showroom in New Jersey, Sanremo has recently opened a new showroom in Milan and will soon open a new multipurpose space in London.

The first Cube machines will be delivered to Europe next month, with distribution to expand internationally in June.


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