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The JoGo Coffee Straw Causes a Stir On Kickstarter

JoGo coffee straw 2

The JoGo coffee straw. All images courtesy of JoGo.

A new coffee equipment brand called JoGo seeks to be the last straw in on-the-go coffee consumption, offering a literal straw with steel mesh filter at the end for drinking immersion-brewed coffee straight through the slurry.

Inspired by the traditional bombilla used in Latin American cultures to simultaneously sip and strain mate tea, the JoGo is a stainless steel straw with a silicone mouthpiece and a filter at the bottom designed specifically for consuming coffee, although the company suggests it could also be used for loose-leaf tea, pulpy juice, chunky cocktails or other crowded beverages.

A Kickstarter campaign to support production of the JoGo reached its funding goal of $10,000 in less than an hour and has eclipsed $60,000 as of this writing.

“We are truly blown away by the success of our launch so far, and are filled with gratitude for everyone who has helped make this dream of ours a reality,” Chicago-based JoGo Co-Founder Nicholas Yehle told Daily Coffee News.

JoGo coffee straw 1

Yehle said the mesh of the filter is designed to catch grinds in the medium to coarse range. Users simply add hot water to coffee, stir with the JoGo and start sipping through the food-grade silicone mouthpiece any time. Because the coffee remains in contact with the water throughout the process, there is of course a finite window of time to drink the coffee at its optimal balance of flavor, and the brew will continue to evolve as time goes on.

“The ideal window [of time in which to drink the coffee] is dependent on the type of roast being used, temperature of water, proportions of grounds to water, and individual preference,” Yehle said of the method. “We appreciate the simplicity that JoGo brings to the brewing process, and how it allows you to experience the journey of the bean’s flavor profile, from beginning to end.”

JoGo straw

After an expected delivery to backers in September 2021, the JoGo will launch through online sales for approximately $30 per unit, according to the company.



Lujan Castillo

So… Cultural and intelectual property appropriation? Cool! Nothing better than a white guy stealing the culture of a whole region!


I have been drinking coffee, teas and mate with a light bulb the same since I was 3 years old. all the people of Argentina, Paraguay, Chile, Uruguay and Brazil use that. ️ They did not invent it.


Cute cultural appropriation, did you really patent something people in latam have been using for at least a century? Gross.

Angry gaucho

This is like the ultimate hipster invention. Is so wrong, ridiculous and funny on so many levels. These two white dudes “”””invented”””” something 100 years later and now they are selling it for.. what? 10 times its worth in an argentinean supermarket? please do yourselves a favor and google “bombilla”

Just stop it

I did google bombilla. It’s a straw design that has been used in multiple different countries and cultures for hundreds of years. It’s not used for coffee. These guys took the idea of a bombilla and innovated it to be used with coffee. At any point over the course of hundreds of years anyone could have adapted a bombilla to be used with coffee. They didn’t. These guys did. Don’t get upset that after 500 years a white guy put a smaller filter on a straw. Cilantro is from Europe. Cumin is from Asia. Flour is from the Middle East. Tortillas go back to ancient Scotland and can be traced to Egypt 15,000 years ago. Without those things all coming from different cultures the burrito we all love to eat wouldn’t exist.

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