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Nesco Home Coffee Roasters Recalled Due to Overheating Incidents

Nesco CR-04-13

Nesco Home Coffee Roasters Model CR-14-13 sold between August and December of last year are involved in the recall.

Two Rivers, Wisconsin-based distributor Metal Ware Corporation has issued a recall for Nesco Model CR-04-13 Coffee Bean Roasters, commonly referred to by resellers as Nesco Home Coffee Roasters.

The voluntary recall was announced by Nesco brand owner Metal Ware and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission yesterday following reports of overheating that caused plastic components to melt, coffee beans to burn “and/or flames and smoke to emanate from the roaster.”

No injuries have been reported, according to the CPSC, which has documented 20 reported incidents involving the machines.

Nesco discontinued its previous home roaster model, the CR-1010, in 2014, before re-entering the home roasting segment with the CR-04-13 in 2020. The new machine, manufactured in China, offered a whole new design based around a single 11-inch-tall column, with a roast capacity of 4 ounces, as compared to its 5-ounce-capacity predecessor, which more closely resembled a hybrid air popcorn popper and drip coffee machine.

Designed as an entry-level machine for home use — with a cost between $69 and $89 dollars, depending on the seller — new Nesco Home Coffee Roasters offered the promise of either a medium or dark roast at the push of one of two buttons.

According to the recall notice, approximately 5,350 of the machines were sold from August through December of 2020. Sellers included numerous box store and online retailers such as Kohl’s and Wayfair, as well as home coffee roasting equipment and green bean suppliers Burman Coffee Traders, Sweet Maria’s and Bodhi Leaf Coffee. All three of those coffee-focused companies currently list the Nesco home coffee roaster as discontinued or out of stock.


A date code shown on a recalled model

Model CR-04-13 coffee roasters involved in the recall a date code of 2520 or 3220 printed at the bottom right of the ETL Intertek label on the product and on the box. Through returning the product to Metal Ware, consumers can receive a full refund or request a $100 credit for the Nesco website.

The full CPSC recall notice, including instructions and contact information, can be found here.