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Wacaco’s New Picopresso Keeps Espresso at Hand and Home

Picopresso espresso

The Wacaco Picopresso manual espresso maker. All images courtesy of Wacaco.

Consumer coffee equipment manufacturer Wacaco has launched a device called the Picopresso, focused squarely on home and travel espresso.

Early last year, Wacaco launched the Pipamoka, an immersion-centric travel brewer and vessel combo that applies pressure to coffee through an innovative system of pulling the brew chamber up through the water.

espresso brew

Returning its focus to espresso, Wacaco’s Picopresso is the third in the Hong Kong brand’s “-presso” category of devices, following the original Minipresso and the subsequent Nanopresso.

The retail price for the Picopresso will be US$129.90 starting next month. Currently pre-orders are open at an introductory promotional price of $99. Shipments are planned for release either in late July or early August directly from China.

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Continuing Wacaco’s signature manual pressurization system, the Picopresso involves a 52-millimeter stainless steel filter basket that accepts 18 grams of coffee ground to the traditional range of espresso fineness. Users are encouraged to experiment with variations in the grind, dose and tamping to dial in each coffee.

Wacaco recommends users hold the device with two hands in order to achieve a lateral force on the knob equal to 13 kilograms (28.66 pounds). The Picopresso is the most compact device in the “presso” line, yet offers the largest basket size and ground coffee capacity. It is the first Wacaco espresso maker that does not require add-ons to generate the equivalent of a traditional double espresso, as well as to feature capsule compatibility.


“The Minipresso seeks out the amateur who dabbles in coffee and espresso and is looking for the best value out of their products. The Nanopresso seeks out enthusiasts looking to improve their espresso skills with a supreme machine, but don’t need the top-of-the-line latest and greatest,” Wacaco public relations representative Katie Davis told DCN. “The Picopresso is first and foremost for coffee connoisseurs that desire a superb body and aroma out of their portable coffee, with a premium price tag attached.”

The outer casing of the device is made of TPV, a durable vulcanized rubber. Its filter basket, shower screen and piston shaft are stainless steel. The “portafilter” and included dosing funnel are aluminum; its seals are silicone; and its lid and other body components are plastic. The Picopresso will ship with an included carrying case.

Wacaco espresso

Wacaco Co-Founder Hugo Cailleton told Daily Coffee News that add-ons for the new model are in development.

“We have plans for a few different baskets,” said Cailleton. “A stand is in our list of accessories we could add in the future.”


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