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CQI Launches Free Coffee Quality Training Program for Small Producers and Roasters


The Learning Online Together (LOT) program logo.

The Coffee Quality Institute has launched a free training program for small groups of coffee producers and roasters.

Designed to reach groups that might not have access to coffee quality improvement training through other channels, CQI’s Learning Online Together (LOT) program will come at no cost to participants.

Six roaster and producer partner pairs that have existing business relationships in the specialty coffee sector will be selected for the inaugural program run in 2022. The program itself will involve CQI’s “Introduction to Post-Harvest Processing Class.” The online application is here.

“CQI is focused on increasing our impact,” Tina Yerkes, CEO of the Coffee Quality Institute, said in an announcement of the program launch. “The work we have done at origin has been through relationships with other entities, and that has been a good model, and we see opportunities to expand our reach with an additional, and slightly different approach.”

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Yerkes added that the program in this case will offer coffee-producing participants training on their own schedules.

Based in Southern California, the nonprofit Coffee Quality Institute maintains numerous education and certification programs, including the Q Grader testing program, designed to identify and promote coffee quality experts.

“We are excited to kick off this inaugural year of LOT,” Yerkes said. “And we know this will evolve into a flagship program that helps us meet our mission of improving the quality of coffee and the lives of people that produce it.”

Applications for the 2022 LOT program are being accepted through Monday, Feb. 28.

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