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Design Details: Elevating the Raw Materials at Materia Prima in Georgia

Materia Prima Coffee 2

Materia Prima coffee bags. Image courtesy of Needmore Designs.

A fresh taste of Italy has come to Northwest Georgia by way of Materia Prima, a new boutique coffee roasting outfit based in Chickamauga.

Materia Prima comes from the homestead roastery of Luca and Rachel Canzonieri, whose culinary backgrounds have helped form the basis for Materia Prima. Single-origin coffees pass through the couple’s Coffee-Tech Engineering shop roaster before making their way direct to customers locally and online.

Materia Prima Coffee 3

Image courtesy of Needmore Designs.

For the brand creation and packaging design, the company turned to Kandace and Ray Brigleb of the Portland, Oregon-based creative firm Needmore Designs.

“Introducing a new coffee brand in today’s saturated market is no small feat,” Kandace Brigleb said in a description of the project shared with DCN. “So when we were invited to develop a coffee brand from the ground up, we knew it needed to be both authentic and distinctive.”

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The brand nods to Luca Canzonieri’s childhood spent on a farm in Italy, while referencing the “materia prima” — i.e. the primary or raw materials — that go into the products: sun, water, love, family and ritual.

“Colors and illustrations are drawn from botanicals found when growing coffee as well as farms in Italy and Georgia,” Needmore said in the description. “The hand-drawn Materia Prima illustrations bring a human touch to the brand, showcasing the connection to the land and farms as well as the culmination into true Italian coffee.”

Materia Prima Coffee 1

Image courtesy of Needmore Designs.

Materia Prima Coffee 7

Image courtesy of Needmore Designs.

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