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The Capra Press Immersion Brewer is Coming Soon from Canada

Capra Press 3

The Capra Press brewer. All images courtesy of Capra.

A new Canadian company called Capra is making its plunge into the French press brewer category with the Capra Press, an immersion brewer with numerous innovations.

Inside a vacuum-insulated, stainless steel, 1-liter carafe, the Capra Press plunger assembly includes an impermeable layer of silicone above the steel filter’s array of 300-micron holes.

Capra Press 2

The edges of the silicone layer form a gasket that seals along the walls of the carafe as the plunger descends. Meanwhile, four one-way valves allow filtered brew to pass through, then they close to separate the filtered brew from the spent grounds.

“We tried using springs in a couple of our previous designs and then discovered these nifty little umbrella valves,” Capra Co-Founder Mia Knobler told Daily Coffee News. “What we love about them is their simplicity and durability. The valves are exactly like a membrane; they seal the filter by reverting to their natural state when there is no longer pressure.”

Capra Press 1

Based in Revelstoke, British Columbia, Capra was co-founded by sisters Mia and Zoey Knobler and product designer Jeff Polster.

Though primarily intended for coffee in the home, the Capra Press is designed to hold up under commercial use, as well, Mia Knobler told DCN.

“We’re confident that it can withstand a café/restaurant setting. We specifically selected our materials and design for long-term use,” said Knobler, who previously worked for Calgary-based Rosso Coffee Roasters. “Additionally, the Capra Press is fully disassemblable. Parts can be replaced if necessary.”

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Zoey Knobler heads Capra’s operations and business development, while Polster’s previous experience in product design and launches includes work on the outdoorsy compressible bag-box storage system Rux. The three started working on the Capra Press in March of 2020.

A notable feature of the patent-pending design is the threaded, removable bottom clled the “groundskeeper,” designed to simplify emptying and cleaning between uses. Both the filter assembly and the groundskeeper are treated with a non-stick coating, and the whole brewer is dishwasher-safe.

Capra Press 5

The Press will initially be available in black or blue colors, with additional colors, materials, styles and sizes planned for future.

Said Knobler, “We see the Capra Press as a great canvas and are excited to start experimenting with the aesthetic side of the design.”

As of this writing, an IndieGoGo campaign collecting discounted preorders for the first production run of the Capra Press has raised more than US$46,000. After shipping this Fall, the Capra Press will sell at the company’s website and select additional retailers for $125.

Capra Press 4

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