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Garanti Enters Next Generation of Roaster Design with the 6-Kilo Focha

Garanti Focha Roaster 2

The Garanti Focha roaster with a freestanding chaff collector and control unit. All images courtesy of Garanti.

Turkish commercial roasting equipment maker Garanti is launching a compact 6-kilo-capacity drum roaster this summer called the Focha, designed specifically for compatibility in settings where roasting and retailing are combined.

The first of the three main structural components of the roasting system is the roaster, where the hopper, drum and cooling tray assembly all occupy a single vertical form. The Focha’s color-matched chaff collector and control system stand separately, a design decision geared toward flexibility in space-limited environments.

Garanti Focha Roaster 1

For the Focha’s exterior, Garanti will offer custom color and branding options. Garanti has also doubled the insulation materials on the Focha, as compared to its standard industrial roasters, for energy efficiency as well as for the comfort of operators in the immediate area.

Described by the company as “a breaking in the shell of a 70-year-old brand,” the Focha won the Best New Product Award in the Roasting Equipment & Tools category at last month’s SCA World of Coffee event in Milan.


It represents a new generation of design for Garanti, while the company itself continues into its third generation of family ownership and operation.

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Garanti was founded in Turkey by Mustafa Umsu in 1951. Umsu’s son Süleyman Umsu joined the company in 1993 and today serves as manager of production.

The next generation of Umsus, Sinem and Can, have also since joined the family business, the former managing quality control and training for new clients, and the latter helping to lead sales, operations and R&D.


“Focha is not just a machine, it is a concept project,” Can Umsu recently told Daily Coffee News. “Research and development studies are indispensable values ​​for us. As a company, we strive to provide goods and services that offer ergonomic design, new automation systems with user-friendliness and an environmentally friendly production structure.”

A single duct on the Focha handles both hot and cold air, while 3-millimeter thermocouples monitor temperatures at the bean mass and the exhaust air, sending data that is graphically illustrated in real time through the Garanti Roasting Profile System (GRS).

The proprietary software offers roast automation features while allowing users to create, edit and store roasting data in graphical and spreadsheet format either through the machine interface or through a wired laptop. An update planned for later this year will make new and existing GRS systems compatible with third-party professional roasting software, according to the company.

Garanti Focha Roaster side

Focha will be launched for sale worldwide on Monday, Aug. 15, at a price of $19,000 USD (EXW, or “non-transported” price). The company will also be using Focha roasters as training instruments in an SCA accredited campus it plans to to open in Izmir, Turkey, in 2023.

Said Can Umsu, “Being a family company, Garanti aims to gather specialty coffee lovers and roasters under the roof of Focha, to create a new, connected family, [and] share knowledge and experiences worldwide.”

[Editor’s note: This story has been updated. A previous version incorrectly identified the chaff collector as an afterburner, and Can Umsu was incorrectly identified as Cam Umsu.]

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