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Simonelli Group Launches Wireless TECX Platform for Machine Data


The Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave UX espresso machine. File photo, courtesy of Simonelli Group.

Simonelli Group, the Italian parent company of equipment brands Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino, has launched TECX (Telemetry Coffee Experience), a wireless data collection platform for its professional espresso equipment.

The cloud-based TECX system allows cafe managers and staff to monitor real-time data from afar in order to keep tabs on the usage, performance and maintenance status of select Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino machines.

The system went live at the beginning of this month, providing users with various visualizations of stats, trends and other info used to track usage and recipe patterns through entire shifts and days. Simonelli says the info can help coffee shop operators make staffing decisions, organize storerooms and strategize investments in training and supplies.

manager con ipad

The TECX (Telemetry Coffee Experience) interface on an iPad. Image courtesy of Simonelli Group.

Machines currently compatible with TECX include the Appia Life XT and Volumetric and the Aurelia Wave UX, Digit and T3 by Nuova Simonelli, and the Eagle One and E1 Prima by Victoria Arduino.

The platform collects and organizes data, including: coffees dispensed per group and by button; extraction recipes and times; group, brew boiler and steam temps and pressure; maintenance notifications; and more.

“At the moment the service is available for [the initial seven] machines, but in the future TECX will be applied to other machines,” Simonelli Group Coffee Operations Technical Service Coordinator Stefano Mogliani told Daily Coffee News of the burgeoning digital network. “The platform makes it possible to visualize how the equipment is working, providing data and statistics useful to evaluate the performance of every single store.”

The Simonelli Group launch comes approximately five months after coffee-focused software provider Cropster teamed up with La Marzocco for the launch of Cropster Cafe, a technology solution also focused on espresso machine performance and maintenance. 

To access TECX, owners of compatible machines must activate their machines’ built-in wi-fi modules to allow data collection via the cloud, then download Simonelli’s TECX app for iOS or Android. Access to the platform is also granted by a web portal from any browser.


A Victoria Arduino E1 Prima espresso machine. File photo, courtesy of Simonelli Group.

TECX adds to Simonelli’s web-based services that also includes DOSE (Digital Online Services), an online portal exclusively for approved Simonelli partners and distributors that launched in March 2021. DOSE provides e-learning and technical updates, digital technical archives, sales and marketing data, a warranty and claims section, spare parts inventory and other services.

Data security is provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS), whose Cognito platform hosts TECX and DOSE.

Simonelli Group is offering TECX to customers now through two packages for which pricing has not been disclosed. A basic plan includes machine performance and usage data, and a full package offers the comprehensive set of data and stats collected by the system in graphic visualizations.

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