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Olam Specialty Coffee Changes Name to Covoya

Covoya Specialty Coffee

The new Covoya logo.

United States and UK-based green coffee trading company Olam Specialty Coffee has changed its name to Covoya.

The company is introducing the new brand today, unveiling a logo with eye and sun imagery, and a portmanteau of the words collaboration and voyage.

“Covoya combines the idea of collaboration, which is the cornerstone of our business, and voyage, which speaks not only to the story behind every cup of coffee, but coffee journeys of every kind,” Covoya United States Managing Director Rob Stephen said in an announcement today. “Coffee is always a collaborative voyage.”

The rebranding does not involve any major operational changes for Covoya, which maintains offices in Providence, Rhode Island, and Liverpool, UK, with green coffee services to roasters throughout the United States and Europe.


The Covoya offices in Rhode Island. Courtesy photo.

Stephen told DCN that the company will be communicating the change directly to customers and through social media and through other direct channels online.

“The focus as we move forward is on emphasis rather than major operational changes, though our operations will certainly be influenced,” Stephen said. “We’ve been calling it a ‘remembering’ that relationships, stories, and journeys are core values.”

Covoya is a specialty-coffee-focused subsidiary of Ofi (formerly Olam Food Ingredients, styled “ofi” by the company), the operating group that was spun off of agri-business giant Olam Group last year.

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