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The 2023 Roast Summit is Coming Online February 16


Roast magazine is pleased to announce the return of the Roast Summit, a popular educational event for coffee roasting professionals of all levels.

Taking place online on Thursday, Feb. 16, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. PST, the 2023 Roast Summit will bring together some of the industry’s leading minds on roasting theory, roasting practice, green coffee, operations and coffee evaluation. 

Thanks to our generous sponsors, the online event remains completely free to attend. Each expert presentation will include a Q&A with the speaker. All sessions will be recorded and made available to registered attendees following the event. 

Below are the speakers and topics for the 2023 Roast Summit. Registration and more information can be found through the newly redesigned Roast website.

Roast would also like to thank the 2023 Roast Summit sponsors:

Atlas Coffee Importers, Cover Your Assets, Ghirardelli, Keffa Coffee, Lalcafé, Pacific Foods, Sucafina Specialty, Theta Ridge Coffee, Cropster, JNP Coffee, Hacienda La Minita, Primavera Green Coffee, Sivetz, Alliance for Coffee Excellence, Artisan Coffee Importers, Royal Coffee, Urnex


Scott Rao: “Batch Protocols and Other Tools to Manage Consistency” 

In this session, Scott Rao will talk about between-batch protocol and other factors that affect roasting consistency, such as controlling green-coffee temperature, ambient roastery temperature, and day-to-day airflow levels. Scott coined the term between-batch protocol (BBP) to emphasize the importance of managing a roasting machine’s thermal energy between batches.

Dr. Luz Stella Artajo Medina: “Current Green Coffee Grading vs Green Quality of Different Processes”

This session will discuss current green coffee grading vs. green quality of different processes. It will explore what we are lacking in the specialty coffee industry in terms of green coffee quality and processes (honey, naturals, extended fermentations, etc).

Peter Giuliano: “Understanding Quality: The SCA’s new Coffee Value Assessment System

The specialty coffee industry is built upon the idea that coffee quality makes coffee more valuable to coffee farmers, roasters, retailers and consumers. But how do we measure quality, and therefore estimate value? Traditionally, the industry has relied on tools like the SCA Cupping protocol to assess value. How can cupping be improved, in light of advancements in sensory science and economics? Peter will give key insights into the development of’SCA’s new Coffee Value Assessment System, a thorough explanation of the changes this might bring to the cupping protocol, and offer a dose of sensory science to boot. 

Chris Kornman: “Converting Green Coffee Data into Practical Insights in the Roaster”

Learn how to use physical measurements and observations to improve the quality of your green coffee buying and roasting practices.

Bill Kennedy: “Roaster Maintenance: A Healthy Roaster is a Happy Roaster”

This live demonstration will help you maximize your machine’s potential with the proper care, cleaning and maintenance.