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New Ikawa Pro100x Sample Roaster Takes Fresh Approach to First Crack

IKAWA Pro100x product – hero 1

Sample coffee roaster maker Ikawa has introduced a new model called the Pro100x

With the same 100-gram capacity of its two-year-old predecessor in the Ikawa Pro line, the Pro100x machine includes a humidity sensor that can track moisture escaping from the beans during the roast. 

Ikawa is presenting the new machine for the first time this week at the SCA Expo in Portland, Oregon, at booth #1318. (See DCN’s complete 2023 Expo coverage here.)

Moisture data is used as the pivotal metric in the Pro100x’s new automatic first-crack detection system. Ikawa suggests moisture is a more precise and objective measurement than sound or other observation, as its release more directly and consistently indicates a physical change occurring on the inside of the bean.

Another new feature on the Pro100x is the Target Development Mode, which allows users to automate a roast to conclude based on a set amount of time after first crack.

“The Target Development Mode won’t regulate the RoR,” Ikawa Product Manager Geoff Woodley told Daily Coffee News. “It will make sure the roast finishes a specified time after first crack happens. So for example, if you would like all of your samples roasted with exactly 60 seconds of development time, you can pre-set that before the roast and the roaster will finish all roasts 60 seconds after first crack on all samples, without user input. So you can continue with emails or cupping and the roaster will mark first crack and finish the roast at exactly 60 seconds after, all by itself.”

As an optional additional feature, the moisture data measured and recorded by the new sensor can be automatically displayed in what Ikawa calls a Moisture Release Graph. This information may be considered when planning how to adjust heat to modulate the rate of rise during production roasts. Green buyers may also use the information to compare and predict how beans will behave in future roasts prior to buying, according to Ikawa.


An Ikawa v3 roaster in action. Daily Coffee News photo by Lily Kubota.

Also by observing differences in moisture performance by a single coffee over time, companies may gain new insight into the condition of their green coffee inventory.

“Coffee evolves as it ages, and the environment it is stored in will affect the moisture content of the beans,” Woodley said. “Businesses can compare Ikawa Moisture Release Graphs of arrival samples to current inventory to see if the coffee has changed while in storage, and therefore if a change is needed to the production roast profile.”

The Pro100x has the same physical dimensions and 100-gram capacity as the Ikawa Pro100. However, older Ikawa machines cannot be retrofitted with the moisture sensor and related features. 

“The Pro100x has a new architecture and components that are not compatible with previous versions,” said Woodley. “We do, however, have a trade-in program where customers can upgrade to the Pro100x and trade in their current roaster for credit.”

Additional new hardware on the Pro100x includes an upgraded dosing system, full-spectrum roast chamber illumination and a USB-C power out jack. Ikawa does not publish prices for its Pro line machines, and prices vary by location.

Ikawa os accepting preorders for Pro100x machines, which are slated to begin shipping this June.

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