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Victoria Arduino Launches ‘Virtual Intelligent Scale’ for Eagle One

Victoria Arduino Eagle One

A Victoria Arduino Eagle One espresso machine. Courtesy image.

Italian espresso machine maker Victoria Arduino has rolled out a built-in measurement and workflow solution called the Virtual Intelligent Scale (VIS) for its efficiency-focused Eagle One commercial espresso machines

Incorporating a digital algorithm that requires no physical scale or other external hardware, the VIS utilizes data from the Eagle One ‘s flow meter to estimate the weight of a finished brew, based on volume. Baristas can then automate water delivery to each group based on final outputs, as measured in grams. 

“VIS was developed to offer to Eagle One owners an even faster workflow than the previous version of the same model coffee machine, and dose monitoring for every shot,” Claudio Cingolani, head of Victoria Arduino R&D, told Daily Coffee News. “Baristas just set the desired weight in grams in the cup, and VIS automatically monitors the flow to obtain the right dose in the cup.”

Cingolani said that programming the machine using grams instead of milliliters is more intuitive for baristas accustomed to using scales for weighing dry coffee and shots of coffee. 

For consistency while using VIS Victoria Arduino suggests baristas use the dedicated basket filters that ship with the machine.

Victoria Arduino Eagle One espresso

Courtesy image.

“The barista has to calibrate the system according to the type of coffee, and the algorithm will monitor the flow, even with different quantities of ground coffee,” said Cingolani. “Baristas just set the desired weight in grams in the cup and VIS automatically monitors the flow to obtain the right dose in the cup.”

Developed in collaboration with the mathematics department at the University of Camerino, the digital algorithm translates the flow meter’s volumetric measurements into weight projections, taking into account the resistance of the coffee, from the bloom through the extraction, as well as typical fluid retention within the grounds.

“VIS is totally different from a gravimetric system,” Cingolani said. “VIS is the result of long research with the goal to offer a smarter and digital system for constant monitoring of every dose, that’s easy to use and able to reduce waste… And it in no way affects Eagle One’s minimal, contemporary and sustainable design.”

A Simonelli Group brand, Victoria Arduino launched the Eagle One machine in 2020. The line later grew to include the smaller, single-group E1 Prima, the versatile Black Eagle Maverick in 2021 and, earlier this year, the speed-oriented Eagle Tempo.

New Eagle One machines outfitted with the VIS capability will look identical to existing machines. The new feature will come installed in Eagle One machines ordered from July 15 forward, and the company did not specify whether retrofitting is available. 

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