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At 30, Brazilian Coffee Coop Expocacer Rebrands, Expands Specialty Focus


Images from Expocacer’s recent 30th anniversary celebration. Courtesy of Expocacer.

One of the world’s largest coffee producer cooperatives, Brazil’s Expocacer, has rebranded with a new name and a focus on more sustainable agriculture and differentiation in the global specialty coffee market.

Formerly known, as “Expocaccer — Cooperative of Cerrado Coffee Growers,” the organization has dropped one “C” to become Expocacer, while maintaining its vision to expand the global reach of Cerrado Mineiro coffees.

With offices in Patrocínio and Patos de Minas, Minas Gerais, Expocacer has played a key role in growing the Cerrado Mineiro designation of origin.

“The world is craving new practices and innovations. Our mission is to lead this vanguard, with a culture rooted in technology, regeneration, and equity,” Ricardo Bartholo, a producer who serves on Expocacer’s administrative council said in an announcement from the group. “I believe that in the next 15 years, the Cerrado Mineiro region will undergo a transformation with double-digit growth in regenerative coffee production.”

Expocacer Brazil coffee

Element of the new Expocacer brand, via

Focuses on regenerative agriculture practices and specialty coffee provenance were a large part of Expocacer’s recent 30th anniversary celebration, during which the group unveiled the rebranding and signed a letter of intent with the state of Minas Gerais Institute of Historical Artistic Heritage regarding MG’s coffee culture.

Expocacer sells more than 1 million 60-kilo-equivalent sacks of green coffee annually to more than 30 countries, according to the group. Over the past decade, the organization has also been engaged in hosting and promoting Brazil’s Cup of Excellence program, with numerous Expocacer-affiliated producers winning CoE awards.

“With an eye on the development of environmentally intelligent coffee farming, we believe the future of coffee is being driven by a growing demand for purpose-driven and quality coffee,” Simão Pedro de Lima, superintendent director of Expocacer, said in an announcement celebrating the group’s 30th anniversary last week. “Combined with real sustainability and transparency in relationships within the production chain, we want to be leaders in this fascinating movement, collaborating on regenerative ideas and transparent dialogue.”

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