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Regal Ware Sells French Press Brand Espro to Toronto’s DKK

Espro logo

Home manual coffee equipment maker Espro (styled as “ESPRO” by the brand) has been acquired by DKK, a Canadian company with Chinese manufacturing ties that owns two other home beverage equipment brands.

Known primarily for its broad range of insulated, functional and stylish French presses, 19-year-old Espro was originally based in Vancouver, B.C., and was wholly acquired by Wisconsin-based home appliance maker Regal Ware in 2020. As part of that acquisition, Espro founder and inventor Bruce Constantine left the company.

The financial terms of Regal Ware’s sale of Espro to DKK have not been disclosed. According to an announcement from Regal Ware, the deal closed on Oct. 4.

Espro P7 french press

An Espro P7 press. “Espro P7” by kadluba is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Espro’s new owner, DKK, owns two other lifestyle-focused beverage equipment brands. Viva (styled as “VIVA”) offers a range of travel mugs and tea accessories with a “Scandinavian” design focus. The DKK-owned Liiton brand (styled as “LIITON”) offers glasses, decanters and other accessories for drinking spirits.

Both brands are based in Toronto, while the announcement from Regal Ware says DKK maintains manufacturing in Qingdao, China.

“As we blend the timeless art of tea with groundbreaking advancements in coffee brewing, we found the opportunity with Espro to be an optimal representation in this fusion of tradition & innovation,” DKK Founder and CEO Peng Lin said. “Together, our brands are poised to elevate the world of beverage experiences and create a symphony of flavors.”

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