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Gevi Launching the GrindMaster Prosumer Grinder

Gevi Grindmaster coffee grinder black

A Gevi GrindMaster grinder with black finish. All images courtesy of Gevi.

Consumer home appliance maker Gevi is taking a step towards the professional equipment realm with the launch of an electric flat-burr coffee grinder called the GrindMaster.

Available now overseas, where it is branded as the Barsetto BAG-E6, the 100-volt Gevi GrindMaster is expected to reach the North American market following an Indiegogo campaign launching later this month. When public sales launch, the base price with scale included will be US$999, according to the company. 

Pitched by the Hong Kong-based company as suitable for either home or commercial cafe use, the GrindMaster is a single-dose, variable-speed coffee grinder that joins a crowded field of machines centered on 64-millimeter flat burrs.

Gevi Grindmaster coffee grinder 2

Four sets of burrs are compatible with the GrindMaster, including one optimized for espresso, one aimed at drip/pourover use and two all-purpose designs. Three of those are standard sets made by Korean burr manufacturer SSP, while a fourth named Orion is exclusive to Gevi, according to the company. 

No tools are necessary to access the machine’s burr chamber for cleaning or swapping burrs. The machine’s brushless 400-watt motor spins the burrs at one of 11 user-adjustable speeds ranging from 500-1,500 RPM. An auto-reverse safety feature spins the burrs in reverse for two seconds automatically if a jam is sensed, to eject any stuck objects.

Along with a vertical grind path and antistatic burr coatings, a “plasma anti-static” system near the spout aims to minimize the retention of ground coffee. Gevi said this system alleviates the need for hopper bellows or any other manual intervention.

Gevi Grindmaster coffee grinder silver

“The plasma anti-static technology prevents grounds from accumulating around the spout, allowing them to fall vertically without clumping,” a Gevi representative told Daily Coffee News. “This eliminates the hassle of manual knocking or RDT, making the whole grinding process smoother.”

An included scale weighs whole beans before, and confirms the output after, grinding. The top of the receptacle fits standard 58-millimeter portafilter baskets.

“Our research and development team consists of multiple engineers dedicated to creating coffee-related appliances,” the company told DCN. “We also have professional baristas and coffee enthusiasts serving as advisory consultants.”

Gevi Grindmaster coffee grinder

Headquartered in Hong Kong with manufacturing facilities in mainland China, Gevi’s existing coffee product line includes a wide range of home coffee products, with U.S. sales through Amazon, Walmart and an other online retailers. While the Gevi Life line focuses on coffee gear, the Gevi Household brand specializes in ice makers and refrigeration products. The company maintains an office in Southern California. 

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Kevin Knox

Sounds like a decent product but sheesh they really need to re-name it ASAP. It’s the clearest case of copyright infringement in this business I’ve ever heard of. How can they NOT know about the existence of one of the most storied brands in coffee equipment?:

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