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Plungers Down Under: 2023 World AeroPress Championship Heads to Melbourne

WAC World Digital Poster

The 2023 World AeroPress Championship poster. All images courtesy of World AeroPress (WAC).

The 2023 World AeroPress Championship (WAC) is coming to Melbourne, Australia, on Saturday, Dec. 2.

The fun-loving competition built around the modest manual AeroPress brewer will pit approximately 60 national AeroPress winners against one another within a three-person head-to-head-to-head format, with one winner emerging from each round until only one person remains.

That person will bear the distinguished honor of being the 15th ever World AeroPress Champion. Legend has it that the competition started as a friendly challenge between three coffee people at Tim Wendelboe‘s roastery in Oslo, Norway, in 2005. Since then, it has grown to become a “real thing” with regional and national competitions all over the globe.


From the 2022 World AeroPress Championship in Vancouver, Canada.

According to the organizers, who are not directly affiliated with the AeroPress company, the competition circuit now involves 150 events in more than 60 countries, with more than 4,500 competitors involved annually.

“If you’re reading this and thinking: ‘Really? A global championship for a plastic brewer?’ Well, you’re absolutely right, and it’s been serving up world champions for fifteen years now,” the WAC team wrote in an announcement of this year’s event.


From the 2022 World AeroPress Championship in Vancouver, Canada.

Taking place at the Fieldwork Coffee facility in Abbortsford, Victoria, the 2023 WAC will come one day after another ticketed event at the same venue, the Australian AeroPress Championship. That event will include a new points-based multi-round competition structure.

Tickets for each of the events are US$15, and will include free coffee tastings made possible by Fieldwork and Slayer Espresso. A “Champion’s Brew Bar” will offer competition-winning AeroPress brews, while guests will also have access to a popup from Nico’s Sandwich Deli and libations provided by Northcote-based Low Key (Instagram).

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