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Here Are Three New World Coffee Champions, Plus Final Rankings

Taufan Mokoginta

2023 World Coffee Roasting Champion Taufan Mokoginta of Indonesia. Specialty Coffee Association press release photo.

The Specialty Coffee Association released the final rankings of last week’s World Coffee Championship events in Taipei, Taiwan.

Held in conjunction with the Taiwan International Coffee Show, the three events held in Taipei were the World Coffee Roasting Championship, the World Latte Art Championship and the World Coffee in Good Spirits (CIGS) Championship.

World Coffee Events, the SCA-backed organizing body behind the global competition, operates seven World Coffee Championships each year.

Notably absent from the finalist standings of each of the three most recent competitions were women, who continue to be woefully under-represented in the world’s largest coffee competitions.

Here are the newest world coffee champions, with links to the final rankings in each competition.

2023 World Coffee Roasting Champion – Taufan Mokoginta, Indonesia

World Coffee Roasting Champions 2023

SCA press release photo.

  1. Taufan Mokoginta, Indonesia
  2. Talha Erdinc Bas, Turkey
  3. Andrew Coe, United States
  4. Yoshiyuki Nakamura, Japan

Link to final standings

2023 World Latte Art Champion – LiangFan, China

World Latte Art Champions 2023

LiangFan is pictured third from the left. SCA press release photo.

Final day results: 

  1. LiangFan, China
  2. Lu Daoqiang, China
  3. Bala-Shao Sing Lin, Taiwan
  4. Ryan Liew, Malaysia
  5. Pachara Tubtimchai, Thailand
  6. Jervis Tan, Singapore

Link to final standings

2023 World Coffee in Good Spirits Champion – Rasty Kasar, UK

2023 World Coffee In Good Spirits Champions 2023

World CIGS Champion Rasty Kasar pictured third from left. SCA press release photo.

Final Day Results:

  1. Rastislav “Rasty” Kasar, United Kingdom
  2. Tanpong, Thailand
  3. Danny Andrade, Australia
  4. Christos Klouvatos, Greece
  5. Sion Wu, Taiwan
  6. Marco Poidomani, Italy

Link to final standings