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Mundo Novo Enters the World of Automatic Pourovers


The Mundo Novo automatic pourover coffee machine. Daily Coffee News photo by Howard Bryman.

A new coffee equipment maker called Mundo Novo launched at this month’s SCA Expo in Chicago, offering an automated manual-style pourover brewing machine for cafes and offices. 

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The New York-based company displayed pre-production models of its single-head brewer, while machines with two or three brewing stations are currently in development. 

Mundo Novo was one of at least three new brands to debut standalone countertop automatic pourover machines at the Expo. Those entries rapidly expand a commercial equipment niche in which Poursteady has been the dominant name in the U.S. market for the past decade. 

Pre-orders of the single-head Mundo Novo are available via the company’s website, with prices starting at $2,800. Customizations of the metal case — including logos, colors and materials — are available, with fully customized machines reaching $3,500. The machines are slated to begin shipping later this summer, according to the company. 


Daily Coffee News photo by Howard Bryman.

“We designed something very customer-centric that can add value to coffee shops and offices,” Mundo Novo CEO Julio Rizk told Daily Coffee News in Chicago. “It does a pourover, but it also gives customers that confidence that what they’re having is a real pourover — being able to see the ritual of it being made.”

A water dispensing nozzle from the Mundo Novo travels in spiraling movements under the control module at the top of the machine. Travel from the center to halfway out and back is the pattern size designed for Hario V60 01 brewer shapes. The full route is designed to saturate a multi-cup Chemex or V60 02 brewer. 


Daily Coffee News photo by Howard Bryman.

On the barista-facing side of the machine is a capacitive 5-inch touchscreen that allows users to program consistent water temperature, the spiral radius and the duration of up to six hot water pulses. Three programmable buttons include one for an automatic filter rinse and two for programmed brew profiles.

An internet connection is not required for operation, although the machines do feature wifi connectivity that will facilitate future software updates. Additional brew variables may be adjustable through future updates, although the current aim is to launch a machine that’s easy to program, use and afford, Rizk said.

“As the product evolves, we might add all of these features and provide them for free to customers,” said Rizk. “We’re trying to give what really makes sense and adds value, and trying to maintain a target price that makes sense to everyone and can benefit coffee shops. We want the preferred brewing method to be accessible to everyone.”


Daily Coffee News photo by Howard Bryman.

Mundo Novo worked with designers and engineers in Italy to develop the machine, using coffee industry standard internal components sourced from manufacturers in Europe. The machine’s PCBs, electronics and plastics are sourced from manufacturers in Asia and elsewhere, and its metal casing and frame is made in the United States. The machines are assembled by a contract manufacturer in upstate New York.

Mundo Novo Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer Scott Rexing comes from a background in sales and marketing, including over 20 years of working with major brands in the sphere of consumer packaged goods.

Rizk, who spent 10 years prior to Mundo Novo as a consultant with the Deloitte company, comes from a family with a history in coffee. His grandfather is the founder of Cafe Super Brazil, a coffee roasting company based in Lebanon.

“[Cafe Super Brazil] was known for Turkish coffee, but over time it evolved. We have espresso and American drip coffee and several things,” Rizk said of his grandfather’s company, which sources all its beans from Brazil. “It’s still the Italian style, 70% Robusta, 30% Arabica, and [my grandfather] always trusted Italian machinery. That’s why we went to Italy to get our design.”


Mundo Novo CEO Julio Rizk and Chief Commercial Officer Scott Rexing in Chicago. Daily Coffee News photo by Howard Bryman.

Mundo Novo to this point has remained independent and largely self-funded, focusing initially on individual coffee retailers. 

Said Rizk, “Right now, we’re trying to keep it simple, entry-level, basic, just meeting the needs of coffee shops who are wanting to give customers that experience.”

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