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Aillio Fires Off Two New Bullet Roasters, the R2 and R2 Pro


The new Aillio Bullet R2 Pro. All images courtesy of Aillio.

Coffee roasting equipment maker Aillio launched two new small-batch countertop roasters at the World of Coffee trade show in Copenhagen last weekend, the Bullet R2 and the Bullet R2 Pro.

Both machines are currently available for purchase — the R2 at $3,999 and the R2 Pro at $4,999 — with shipping expected to start in late September, according to the company’s website.

In Copenhagen, the machines made their first public appearance, alongside the latest working model of the forthcoming AiO roaster.


The Bullet R2.

Aillio CEO Jonas Lillie described the R2 as a “completely new machine” from its predecessor, the original induction-heated 1-kilo Bullet roaster, which debuted in 2015.

All three models currently being sold by the Taiwan-based company founded by Danish twin brothers Jonas and Jacob Lillie include 12-speed fans, nine-speed drums, and the same drum pre-heating temperature range of 160-310°C (320-590°F). The R1, R2 and R2 Pro all include infrared bean temperature sensors.

The R2 and R2 Pro maintain the footprint and the hallmark crouching quadruped appearance of the classic R1, though both are substantially redesigned internally.


The Bullet roaster family from left to right: The R1; the R2 Pro; and the R2.

Whereas the Bullet R1 Classic offers power in nine steps up to 1,550 watts, the R2 offers 10 steps up to 1,750 watts and the R2 Pro provides 14 steps up to 2,300 watts. The margin of error in power management on the new machines is +/-0.5%, down from +/-2% in the original model, according to the company.

The R2 maintains the 1-kilo capacity of the classic R1, while also maintaining compatibility with standard household outlets. The R2 Pro, meanwhile, boasts a 1.2-kilo capacity.

Despite the name “Pro” attached to only one of the models, Jonas Lillie told DCN that all Bullet roasters are designed for professional use.


The Bullet R2 Pro.

“There are no limits on how much coffee you can roast on any of them. Most of our customers are coffee professionals from roasteries, cafes or green-bean vendors,” said Lillie. “The R2 Pro is especially for those looking to start their roasting business and require bigger batches. That being said, many home roasters are increasingly ambitious, skilled and willing to invest in great equipment.”

Both the R2 and R2 Pro are equipped with Aillio’s new FlowSense airflow detection and fan control system, which makes automatic RPM adjustments and alerts users when airflow is impeded by chaff, for example.

Aillio is planning to eventually add wi-fi compatibility to the new models, while the R2 Pro may later be integrated with Control Area Networks (CAN) for potential automations with non-Aillio devices.

“The sky’s the limit, really, for the C.A.N. adapter. You’d be able to automate almost the entire roasting process,” said Lillie. “You could auto-load the beans, automate the bean-dump process or setup alarms, etc. It’s like a pre-installed gateway to the future.”


The Bullet R2.

Also in Aillio’s future is the AiO Roaster, a larger-capacity commercial roaster. There are currently five working units installed for testing in Aillio’s offices in Denmark, Taiwan and Thailand.

“They’re collecting data and we’re monitoring their performance. We have manufactured most parts and will be assembling more machines in the coming months,” said Lillie. “It’s exciting because the machine is just so breathtakingly beautiful and the technology inside and performance is shaping up to be equally astounding.”

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