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Say Hello to AltoAir, a Wall-Free Pour Over System from Bairro Alto

The AltoAir pour over cone

The AltoAir pour over cone

The highly design-minded team at British product maker Bairro Alto recently released the AltoAir, a pour over system that visually and functionally more resembles a nest.

Here Bairro Alto describes the impetus for the wall-free design:

Pour over brewing can yield amazing results, but many people find the filter papers stick to the walls of the brewer and block up. This makes it impossible to control the flow rate and results in inconsistent extraction.

So we removed the walls altogether, supporting the filter with minimal structure and surrounding it with air. The unique design of AltoAir™ means flow is unrestricted. This gives you consistent extraction every time.

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The AltoAir works with any 02 size filter and the company says it is dishwasher-safe and compatible with other cone-shaped systems, including Chemex. The pour over system expands Bairro Alto’s British-made product line by a full third. Until now, the Bristol-based company has been offering only its two models of hand-finished tampers.

alto air pourover

AltoAir with Chemex


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Hi, I watched the video of the AltoAir on the Bairro Alto website. You see drops of coffee on the outside of the paperfilter. What do you think on the impact of that on the resulting cup? It seems to me that impact on extraction is negative, while the message is his it gives you consistent extraction every time. Regards, Alex

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