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Roaster Discusses Challenges of Roasting Good Coffee in Dallas

Kevin Sprague says the oppressive Texas heat and relationships with importers are two of the biggest challenges in operating an artisan coffee roastery in Dallas.

Sprague, the owner of and sole roaster for Dallas’ Noble Coyote Coffee Roasters, recently sat down with the Dallas Observer, sharing some of his thoughts on the roasting process, which begins, of course, with finding quality beans. Asked what’s the biggest challenge selling coffee in Dallas, Sprague replied:

There’s a lot of work once you get into it that you don’t really think about. Like trying to source beans all the time. I have to track down importers and get them to send samples. Then, the beans change with each crop depending on weather and other things, so I always need new samples. Sometimes they don’t send me Fair Trade samples, or they forget. It takes weeks to track it down. Then dealing with shipping companies is a whole other process.

It’s also hard trying to sell coffee in the summer heat. Luckily we found that cold-press coffee does really good.

The full interview: Dallas Observer


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