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Web Coffee Company Victim of Credit Card and Shipping Scam

A St. Louis-area coffee company has been identified as a victim in a scam involving credit card theft and overseas trafficking of items purchased online.

multiple credit cardsAccording to a recent report in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch,, a seller of packaged coffee and coffee-related products, was notified by a credit card company that the number for a modest $200 order had been stolen.

“We see all kinds of fraud,” Cherri Newbury, the company’s president, told Post-Dispatch consumer affairs reporter Kavita Kumar. “But most of it is where the addresses don’t match. So this one was a surprise to us. It’s the most sophisticated we’ve seen.” has been selling online for 15 years.

Here’s how the scam went down, according to Kumar’s report:

The company tracked down the person at the shipping address who was to receive the package. He apparently did not know he was a part of a scam.

“That is when we figured out how deep it was,” she said. “They thought they were working for a legitimate company.”

Officials say scammers often troll online job boards or post ads for part-time work out of people’s own homes. They receive packages and then just have to put a new shipping label on them, with the destination usually being overseas. recently tracked down a reshipper who lived in a small town in Mississippi. Newbury said the man broke down in tears when told of the criminal activity. He said he had been desperate for a job, having been out of work for two years.

The full story: St. Louis Post-Dispatch



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