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You Have to Check Out this Stupid Good Gift Card Promotion

stupid good coffee redeeming Starbucks cards

Facebook photo by Stupid Good Coffee.

The owner of Stupid Good Coffee, which opened this May in Downtown Dallas, has a new take on customer disloyalty. In a much-shared Facebook post yesterday, Daniel Harmon’s coffee shop has announced they plan to honor any Starbucks gift cards, saying:

If you get a Starbucks gift card for Christmas…don’t panic! (or if you have one lying around) bring it to Stup!d Good Coffee…WE’LL HONOR IT! That’s right…Stup!d Good Coffee now accepts Starbucks gift cards. BAM!

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Bam, indeed. Harmon admits to Eater Dallas that the promotion may not make a great deal of sense in the short term, but that he merely hopes to let some consumers know that there are other coffee options out there, telling the site:

“Sometimes I’ll see regular customers in the hallway clutching a Starbucks cup, and I’ll jokingly say, ‘Jesus doesn’t like it when you buy Starbucks!’ And a lot of the times they’ll say, ‘Well, somebody gave me a gift card!'”

So what does your Starbucks money get you? Stupid Good serves single-origin coffees and an espresso blend from Dallas’s Oak Cliff.

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