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Stupid Good Coffee Opens In Downtown Dallas

Downtown Dallas has a new high-end coffee bar, with the opening of Stupid Good Coffee in the 1910 Pacific building. Opened by brothers Daniel and Corey Harmon, Stupid Good is serving single-origin coffees and an espresso blend roasted by Dallas-based Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters. Here is a look inside the new shop:

Stupid Good Coffee opens in Dallas Downtown arts district

Photos via Stupid Good Facebook







I hate to nitpick, but this location is neither in the Arts District here in Dallas nor the first specialty coffee. We’ve got Pearl Cup here in the heart of the Arts District. Nevertheless, I’m stoked to try Stupid Good Coffee and love that more specialty coffee is here in Dallas.

Alexis Bauer

Why are we still considering Starbucks specialty coffee? I don’t understand. If fully automated espresso service is considered specialty, then shouldn’t we consider McDonald’s as well?

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