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Slipstream Bar Concept Coming to Washington D.C.

slipstream coffee and cocktails dc

Slipstream founders Ryan Fleming and Miranda Mirabella

A of couple of California transplants are planning a coffee and craft cocktail bar on Logan Circle in Washington D.C. called Slipstream. Ryan Fleming and Miranda Mirabella are partnering with Grand Rapids, Mich.-based Madcap Coffee, with plans to offer unique coffees and slow brew methods in a stress-free experience for consumers.

From Fleming and Mirabella:

The level of quality in coffee is rising exponentially, but it is progressing faster than the consumer’s understanding. Single origin coffees and various preparation styles are appearing on menus turning what once was a relaxing trip to the coffee shop into a stressful experience. We are looking to provide a new level of service to fully extract the value of these options and help coffee drinkers find the perfect beverage for their taste.

The couple announced the bar concept, then unnamed, to local outlets last Fall, and they say Slipstream is currently being built in the storefront level of a building shared by design and branding firm Fathom Creative at 1333 14th St. NW. They expect to open this Spring. 

Fleming says the shop’s name will be a reflection of its service approach: “A slipstream is an area of reduced resistance behind a moving object. Similarly, our shop will reduce the resistance of the normal coffee and cocktail experience with unique service that pulls customers through in an effortless fashion.”


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We need to lose this race condition of false expectations here. For the past decade we’ve experienced coffee purveyors talking about “perfect beverages for a consumer’s taste” out of one corner of our mouths, and meanwhile saying that the quality levels “are rising exponentially” out of the other side of our mouths.

So which is it? How do you exponentially improve upon perfect for 10 years?

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