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This Week in Crowd Funding: Spice Ink for Latte Art

cinnibird pen

Between hand-drawn cup art, sanctioned national and world championships for latte art, and even powder-printed faces from automated print heads, we’ve seen a creative wealth of innovation in drink art.

Now comes the CinniBird, a button-controlled pen that allows users to write or draw on latte foam with edible ground powders such as cinnamon and cocoa. Simply, the CinniBird is your brush, and the latte foam your canvas, and the spice your ink.

The product is well toward a $2,000 Indiegogo campaign goal and its creators Balazs Oltvai and Reka Horvath say production has already begun. (The additional funds are for marketing.) The CinniBird will eventually come with an iPhone app that recognizes cup edges and gives “artists” instructions based on pre-loaded or custom templates.




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