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SCAA Launches E-Learning Platform for Roaster, Barista and Taster Certifications

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Creative Commons photo by Jared Scheel

The Specialty Coffee Association of America is soft-launching its e-learning program, including numerous courses that count toward some of the SCAA’s most popular certifications. Approximately 20 courses are available or soon-to-be-available through the online platform, with more to follow the SCAA 2015 Event in April, SCAA Marketing and Communications Director Tara Smith tells Daily Coffee News.

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“We heard our members when they told us that they wanted more opportunities to begin or complete their SCAA certificate programs in a way that fits their busy lives,” says Smith. “Being able to take SCAA courses from the comfort of your couch or office, without any associated travel costs, is a huge benefit and will allow even more of our members to have access to the expert-led educational courses.”

Like the SCAA’s face-to-face courses, the e-courses are taught by SCAA Lead Instructors, and Smith said the online platform doesn’t change the content, although certain courses that require hands-on components like espresso machines won’t be offered online.

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“The courses we do offer span both Level 1 and 2 in the Roaster, Barista and Cup Tasters certificate programs,” she said. Following is a complete list of courses currently available. With its site currently undergoing maintenance for a membership database upgrade, the SCAA is taking registrations for the e-learning courses here.

RP110 Intro to Roasting Equipment | E- Learning Class | Sept 22, 2014 | $140/$240

RP208 Roaster Plant Safety | E-Learning Class | Sept 22, 2014 | $140/$240

CP200 Barista Level 1 Preparation | E-Learning CLass | Sept 25, 2014 | $40/$60

CB200 Basic Green Coffee Logistics: From Mill to Roasters | E-Learning Class | Sept 26, 2014 | $50/$70

CP103 Customer Service | E-Learning Class | Oct 2, 2014 | $45/$100

CB100 Seed to Cup | E-Learning Class | Oct 15, 2014 | $95/$165

CB100 Seed to Cup | E-Learning Class | Nov 6, 2014 | $95/$165

CB200 Basic Green Coffee Logistics: From Mill to Roasters | E-Learning Class | Nov 7, 2014 | $50/$70

CP103 Customer Service | E-Learning Class | Nov 18, 2014 | $45/$100


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Hi Daily Coffee News – one query or perhaps a headline – When is the SCAA coming to Florida to offer certified Barista schools?

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