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These Australians Have Created a Controllable Flow Hot/Cold Combo Brewer

Brewover coffee brewer

The cold drip brewing setup

Two Queensland coffee companies have joined forces to create a single brewing device that incorporates three separate methods: slow cold drip, and cold and hot pourovers. Roaster Manna Beans and green coffee supplier Bean Green are currently kickstarting the Brewover, with hopes to raise at least $65,000 AUD (approximately $56,000 USD) to begin production.

At the center of the device is a flow control valve that allows for experimentation among all three techniques. For pourovers — cold or hot — the glass cone above the valve can accommodate standard Chemex filters. To convert to a cold drip brew, the pourover cone becomes a water reservoir and a small brew chamber that accommodates Aeropress filters can be attached to the underside, below the flow valve.

The pourover setup

The pourover setup

The companies, which both also happen to be resellers of numerous brewing devices from other manufacturers, are pitching the Brewover as a kind of 3-in-1 brewer with a price tag somewhere around $60. As of this writing, with 29 days remaining in the Kickstarter, the Brewover had raised just over $13,000.




Seems like a really effective and easy device to make 3 different types of coffee! A great gift for any home!


They have their own filters that can be bought but it’s not necessary. Since the device is controlled by the valve you can actually use whatever filter gives the taste that you like best (coffee oils in cup is what I refer to).

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