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A Branded Bulletproof Coffee Shop is Coming to Santa Monica

Bulletproof coffee Dave Asprey

Dave Asprey outside the new shop in Santa Monica. Facebook photo.

Dave Asprey, the man behind the incessant “bulletproof coffee” craze, is planning to open a Bulletproof-branded coffee shop in Santa Monica, Calif., by the end of February, selling coffee with gobs of butter and other fatty acids in it.

Fitness lifestyle site Well+Good broke the story Tuesday, saying the shop is expected to open by the end of next month at 3110 Main St., with features like lighting that is “compatible with your circadian rhythms,” a “whole body vibration platform” and exposed ground for something called “Earthing,” which apparently is a thing.

The signature menu item will be what Asprey calls “toxin-free” coffee combined with grass-fed butter and Bulletproof’s branded “Brain Octane,” fatty acids from palm oil that have been treated to minimize an otherwise “unpleasant goat-like smell and taste.” Customers will also be able to ask for collagen upgrades. Bulletproof maintains a private label relationship for its retail package coffees.

Asprey first coined the bulletproof coffee phrase in a 2009 blog post, and has since leveraged exposure and celebrity testimonials into a full-on Bulletproof brand offering all manners of powdered, liquid and congealed nutritional supplements, along with a “Bulletproof Diet” cookbook.

Asprey claims the coffee makes you smarter, helps you lose weight, generally improves cognitive function, and doesn’t smell or taste like goats. Jeremy Piven swears by it.

Here’s more from Well+Good on what to expect from the coffee shop:

The cafe will use a digitally controlled brewing system with metal filters that resembles the pour-over or French Press method, and the computer will precisely measure temperature, time, and pressure. The baristas here will be called “coffee hackers.”



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Where in Santa Monica??? Can you give me the address???
Has it been open yet? When is it???
Thanks You.

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