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This Man is Not George Clooney and He is Not Drinking Nespresso

George clooney impersonator lookalike

This man is definitely not George Clooney. Promotional photo by David as Clooney.

An Israeli court has ruled that Tel Aviv-based roastery and single-serve seller Espresso Club can continue to air television ads featuring a guy from New Jersey who kind of looks like George Clooney.

The real Clooney has been a brand ambassador for the Nespresso division of the Swiss Nestle Group, appearing in numerous high-profile commercials in markets throughout the world. The company filed a lawsuit after Espresso Club began airing commercials in Israel featuring David Siegel, a Clooney impersonator originally from Queens who now lives in Englewood, N.J. (For what it’s worth, Siegel is desperately looking for an Amal Alamuddin lookalike now that the real Clooney seems to have settled into married life.)

Espresso Club is a licensed manufacturer using the Caffitaly pod system, a European competitor to the proprietary single-serve systems made by the likes of Nespresso and Tassimo.

Despite Nespresso claiming the Espresso commercials represented “parasitic use of the worst kind,” the Israeli court notably ruled that Clooney’s image is not protected by intellectual copyright law, according to Tel Aviv news source Haaretz.

See the Espresso Club George Clooney Knockoff Commercial


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