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Hario Introduces Wine-Bottle-Shaped Cold Brewer


hario filter in cold brew

In summer-fun accoutrements news, Japanese coffee brewing equipment manufacturer Hario has introduced a wine-bottle-shaped version of its cold immersion brewer, Mizudashi.

The brewer is a variation of Hario’s existing Mizudashi cold brewer, which maintains a cylindrical shape. The new model, called Filter-In Coffee Bottle, more closely resembles Hario’s bottle-shaped tea brewer, which was released in 2013.

hario filter in cold brew


Made at Hario’s manufactuing headquarters in Koga, Ibaraki, the Filter-In Coffee model includes a 650ml-capacity glass bottle, removable silicone rubber stoppers and spouts, and a polyester mesh filter with a plastic strainer. Hario suggests starting with cold water, and allowing for an eight-hour extraction time in the refrigerator.

hario filter in cold brew





If I didn’t already own four French coffee presses with which I brew cold coffee daily, this would be an interesting experiment. But I don’t need more coffee apparatuses in my cabinets taking valued space.

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