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Aeropress Not Part of Canadian Toy-Maker’s Aerobie Inc Acquisition

the aeropress coffee brewer

The Aeropress coffee maker, which has been one of Aerobie Inc.’s two major products since the brewer’s 2005 launch.

The publicly traded Canadian toy-maker Spin Master Corp announced yesterday the acquisition of “certain assets” of Aerobie Inc., maker of the Aerobie flying ring and the Aeropress coffee maker.

A Spin Master representative has confirmed with Daily Coffee News that the Aeropress is not part of that acquisition, which is primarily intended to expand Spin Master’s outdoor segment through acquisition of the Aerobie flying ring.

Inventor, engineer and part-time Stanford University instructor Alan Adler invented the far-flying ring, launching Aerobie Inc. in Palo Alto, Calif., in 1994. The single-cup manual brewing device, the Aeropress, launched in 2005.

The acquisition of Aerobie Inc. assets represents Spin Master’s seventh major acquisition since its 2015 IPO — including that of Marbles — although the Aeropress remains a property of Aerobie Inc. Said the Spin Master representative, “Aeropress is not included in the acquisition.”

Sprudge reported last November that Adler was seeking to sell the company, including Aeropress assets.



Steve Cohen

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