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Fifteen US Coffee Roasters Win Good Food Awards with All Ethiopian Coffees

Good Food Awards Facebook photo.

Fifteen coffee roasters took home 2018 Good Food Awards for individual coffees at the program’s 8th annual awards ceremony in San Francisco. Ethiopian coffees dominated the list of finalists, and all 15 of the winning coffees came from the renowned growing country.

The awards program is designed to recognize “American food and drink crafters who demonstrate a commitment to creating tasty, authentic and responsible products and in doing so, better the nation’s food system.” Along with long-running categories such as beer, cheese, charcuterie and chocolate, the awards program added the new category “elixirs” this year.

As the program values environmental and social sustainability throughout the supply chain for each individual product, products such as coffee and chocolate present unique challenges related to traceability and verification in that the primary ingredients are typically sourced from rural areas of developing countries in lands far away from where they are eventually sold in the United States.

Here are the 2018 Good Food Award winners in the coffee category:

Blueprint Coffee, Ethiopia Hambela, Missouri
Compelling Coffee, Ethiopia Banko Gotiti Coffee, California
Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea, Organic Ethiopia Tikur Anbessa, California
JBC Coffee Roasters, Gedeb Lot 83 Ethiopia Natural, Wisconsin 
Mudhouse Coffee Roasters, Limu Dabesa, Ethiopia, Virginia
Noble Coffee Roasting, Ethiopian ‘Bishan Fugu’, Oregon
Noble Coyote Coffee Roasters, Ethiopian Guji – Organic – Natural Process, Texas
OQ Coffee Co., Kayon Mountain Estate, Ethiopia, New Jersey
Ozo Coffee Roasters, Ethiopia Hambela Kirite, Colorado
Pachamama Coffee Cooperative, Organic Ethiopia Kossa Geshe & Organic Ethiopia Natural Amaro, California
Per’La Specialty Roasters, Ethiopia Shakiso, Florida
Revel Coffee, Ethiopia Kayon Mountain Guji Dry, Montana
Royal Mile Coffee, Ethiopia Shakiso Mormora Farm, New Jersey
Square One Coffee, Ethiopia Shakiso Mormora, Pennsylvania
Vashon Coffee Company, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Natural Daniel Miju, Washington



Janice Mcgrew

Per’La Specialty Roasters has absolutely wonderful coffees! I have not been disappointed with any of their flavors! They are so rich and smooth!

Weston Nawrocki

That because the.good food awards has pretty. annoying rules for submitting certified coffee and until it changes to let all good coffee then it’s is what it is.

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