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Pandemic Logistics: A Comic Tragedy

[A note from the author/illustrator: What follows is a fictitious depiction. By using a landlocked country (Rwanda) as an example in the comic below, the additional burden of overland transit delays could be depicted. In reality, such delays have been experienced in coffee-producing countries all over the world. This example is in no way meant to denigrate or call out Rwandan producers/shippers/government; rather, it it attempts to depict a representative sample of the delays we have experienced on a global scale. My sincerest apologies for not making this clearer upon publication.]

Pandemic logistics in coffee








Appreciating that morning cup of single-origin even more! Thank you for this creative, informative, (yet still tragic) comic! You are very talented Susan.

Arno Holschuh

So sad so true. The only thing I could diasagree with is that not all roasters wear beanies.

Ernest N

Dear author
It’s unfair and nasty to portray specific country’s coffee industry by just personal envy and motives. We as farmers and producers, we received tremendous government support during pandemic period, still now we are appreciative. I believe so many rosters applauded our innovative way of handling the pandemic and they can’t wait to celebrate with us soon. Personally, I’m disappointed and deprecate your dismay to Rwanda. Please, do better

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