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Barcelona’s Wolf & Miu Seeks Pourover Perfection with the Quindio Collection

4. Quindio Vespre Black Brewing – Wolf & Miu

The Quindio pourover set in black ceramic. All images courtesy of Wolf & Miu.

Spanish boutique design company Wolf & Miu has launched the naturally elegant Quindio pourover coffee set.

Based in Barcelona, Wolf & Miu has been creating lines of minimalist, stylish home tools and products — with a focus on hand-made production and superior materials — since 2014. The Quindio pourover set is the firm’s first foray into the coffee sphere.

3. Quindio Pour Over Coffee Maker Collection by Wolf & Miu

“Coffee is definitely a focus for Wolf & Miu,” Wolf & Miu Co-Founder and Quindio designer Juan Ortiz told Daily Coffee News. “Not only is it a community that is expanding more and more, it is also a community of people who appreciate the value of time, dedication, and details.”

Revealed earlier this month, the set is composed entirely of wood and ceramics, including a wooden stand, a dual-walled ceramic dripper and a ceramic carafe with a wooden lid.

8. Quindio Vespre White by Wolf & Miu

A hole in the upright pole of the set’s stand accepts the spout of the 650-milliliter server beneath the dripper, resulting in nestled look, while the cylindrical forms of the dripper and server combined with the vertical stand and handle provide balance and symmetry.

The set is available in natural-finished ash or walnut wood, with black or white ceramic. The dual-wall construction of the brewer is designed to trap heat for a steady brewing temperature. The system accommodates #2 or #4 Melitta-style filters, and each kit is numbered as part of a limited production batch.

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Details such as the brewer’s exit hole size and the height and spacing of its interior ridges were finalized through collaboration with coffee professionals in the United Kingdom and Spain, including feedback from baristas and roasters at Barcelona’s Nomad Coffee.

“Thanks to these collaborations, it was possible to create a pourover set that offers a consistent and simple extraction, where advanced pouring skills are not required to obtain a balanced cup of coffee,” said Ortiz, whose co-founder in the Wolf & Miu venture is fellow designer Patricia Kuhn.

6. Hand Made Ceramic – Quindio Slow Production 1 _ Wolf & Miu

Wolf & Miu says that the production of the Quindio collection has involved the work of no fewer than 20 ceramicists, woodworkers and other craftspeople. The firm works with local lumber suppliers for sustainably certified wood, and will next be embarking on a new production project in partnership with indigenous people in Colombia.

A line of stackable dual-walled mugs is also currently in production, and is slated to join the Quindio for sale this December. The Quindio accommodates single-cup brewing with a notch on the stand that accepts the set’s existing wooden lid as a mug platform.

2. Wolf & Miu Mugs 2

The forthcoming Wolf & Miu ceramic coffee mugs.

“The tactility of the material in the hands, the mouthfeel, the flow of the aromas, the combination of the colors within the product — all these are elements that are designed to bring positive feelings to people,” said Ortiz.

13. Limited Pieces in Small Batches 1- Slow Production _ Wolf & Miu

Wolf & Miu will launch the mugs as individual pieces, each costing approximately €35 (roughly US$40, as of this writing). The Quindio collection is sold directly by Wolf & Miu from its website for €230 (about $267 USD as of this writing).

12.1. Quindio Vespre Black by Wolf & Miu _ Top View